Strategic Planning: What To Avoid?

Taking advantage of Strategic Planning for clearer direction

Organizations, companies and businesses may have what they call strategic planning, but producing an overall clear direction is very vital for success. Members of these groups need to feel as if they are part of something bigger than themselves. At the same time, they need bright guidance to learn what something bigger they are part of.

Doubts on the effectiveness of business strategic planning may be a conclusion from the fact that strategic planning is not often crucial and most commonly results in pages and pages of plans that sit unused in desk drawers. Another reason is there are many organizations, companies, businesses who fail at implementing their supposedly strategic plans over the years. The reasons why they fail to implement their strategic plans maybe as follows.

- It is expected to experience a fast moving and fast changing industry and these groups may have not created an overall guide for their direction. Putting together your operational plans and setting your goals could aid this issue. But factors like sales, your competition, your ability and many others make strategic planning useless and so you need to watch out for it.

- It is very good to have set your priorities but having too many things on your to-do lists makes it ineffective. It’s even harder when all of the things listed are important and had to get done. It is just so important to have listed clear priorities and avoid taking baby steps for each of those priorities for the company’s success.

- Most of the time, strategic planning sessions are facilitated by a consultant which commonly recommend and request 50-60 pages of research about the competition, markets and other measurements. However, companies barely have all of this data collected nor do they have the ability to utilize it effectively in planning. In that matter, they spent all of the work hours as without value.

- Your organization, company, or business may have the greatest strategic plan created but then failure to execute it makes another time wasted. Without actions that could make the execution of the strategic plan a success it is always equal to nothing.

Strategic planning is a good thing an organization, company, or business can take and execute for success. However, it’s also important to know the pitfalls that could make it ineffective and the necessary things that could make it successful. In that matter, avoiding the pitfalls and maximizing the necessary things for it to work could insure success.

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