Most Important And Effective Strategic Planning For Your Business

Advertising is a essential part of the effective marketing strategies planning. even before the days of internet when advertising is done through print media-likes newspaper, magazines, electronic media-like televisions, magazines, radio and direct mailing, strategic marketing planning could often make or break a company.

Branding helps a company in creating an identify for its business. People know a company by the name of its brand. The strategic planning Programs on the other hand help a company to effectively marketing of its products and services. The strategic marketing planning is beneficial for your business. it will helping your business to make their presence in the market.

Different people have different opinions about which web site marketing techniques are the best to use. Nobody would be able to tell you for certain which tactic is the best to use, because many people simply haven’t fully thought out their own strategies.

The growing need of branding and strategic marketing solutions has led in to the arrival of many strategic business consulting firms that provide a wide range of consultancy services to the travel companies. These multi-disciplined consultants help a travel company in drawing branding and strategic marketing plans by helping them with man power and knowledge support at every step.

Strategic marketing planning gives you a concrete result to aim for. You know what you want; now it’s just up to you to take the steps to achieve it. Your strategic marketing
Planning can give you a road map, and even an idea of when you should see results, and how good those results should be.

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Why Organizational Strategic Planning Is Important For African Businesses

Doing business in Africa is not like what you see in other countries, the atmosphere there is seismic. Although it is very much possible to profit by investing in Africa, everything would change due to many factors. You may be gathering earnings today, but tomorrow, it is not the same anymore. Factors that we are talking about are the climate, natural disasters, tribal wars and so forth. Tribal wars, although this has been managed, let us just be open for possibilities that there are related cases lurking around, cases that can ruin your venture. Organizational strategic planning is the best defense that an entrepreneur can use to aid this. It is something that is required for every African business aspirants.

Organizational strategic planning is very essential for African businesses. Why? Simply because Africa is not really known as a hub for many investors. The continent is still on the process of development. Although opportunities are already seized by many, like China, risks are still there. Another thing is that, as years pass, Africa is becoming a battlefield for many investors. Competition is getting tighter. Playing there all alone is like fighting a losing battle. You are shorthanded and helpless. But by consulting business experts, you will somehow create a good game.

By defining your business’ strategy, direction and decision-making, there is way for you to endure the challenges that may occur throughout the campaign of your business. Strategic planning is done for future gain. By considering political, economical, environment, social and economical factors, one will come up with the best responses to continent-wide setbacks. Although it cannot tell what would be the market on the coming years, but it can at least tell you what to do whenever or while the market is having inconsistent shifts. It can point you where to go or what should be done. From the word itself, strategic planning, it is a well-studied preparation. It is applicable in any business environments in the world. But when talking about Africa, everything is different, both opportunities and challenges.

Situational analysis is also a part of an organizational strategic planning. A plan would go up to the interiors of every business situations, determining the cause and effect of the scenario. This will give you an on-time answer, which will prevent you from getting left behind by your competitor. This analysis touches factors like customer, competition, technology, supplier markets, labor markets, economy and the regulatory environment.

To get a good place in the African business market, it is necessary to have an appropriate business plan. You can’t assume that the market in the Black Continent is just like the usual, that would be the most absurd though that an investor can ever think of. Business opportunities are right there, and you will definitely need a strategy to achieve them.

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Mission, Vision And Purpose � A Challenge To Strategic Planning Thought

Most popular textbooks on strategic planning, and most strategy consultants, advise chief
executives to start the planning process with a Mission or Vision Statement, or both. There
are three reasons why I strongly disagree.

First, it pre-empts the whole point of the strategic planning process.

This process should invite your top people to make a thorough review of all your most fundamental activities and then – and only then – to make major strategic decisions about the way your organization will look in the future.

But if the chief executive of, say, the number three widget maker in Australia begins the planning process by announcing the Mission or his Vision as, “We aim to become Australia’s leading widget manufacturer,” he has made all the big decisions before any of his colleagues have said a word.

He has decided (a) to stick to Australia and not to open up in, say, Southeast Asia;
b) to become number one – not stay number three or two;
c) to continue to make widgets, as opposed to outsourcing their manufacture; and
d) to go on making widgets – rather than making something else.

Second, it invites ego-tripping.

Could this chief executive be using his company as a chariot for his own aggrandisement in the community? It’s not entirely unknown among chief executives! That little widget company will have to throw a disproportionate chunk of its resources into beating its two bigger competitors. Dozens of alternative strategies, and other
uses of capital, were open to it. They never got a look-in.

Third, most Mission and Vision Statements are pretentious nonsense.

Here are three words you must include to be among the stars in that puerile game:

So – never use Mission or Vision?

No, I said, ‘Never start the planning process with them’.

Once you have fully assessed the situation and decided what the key strategies are to be, by
all means summarise these in a brief, pithy statement – even call it Mission if you wish – so
that your employees, customers and financiers know what you intend to do with your
company and can join in with enthusiasm. The power of a Mission Statement to motivate is
not in doubt.

But if you do not start the planning process with Mission and Vision, where should you start?
By defining your organization’s purpose.

Firstly: Is your company working for its shareholders, or for its stakeholders?

Secondly: What are you trying to do for them?

Next: How much of that should you be generating for them; that is, set long term targets. Finally, by
using your Strengths and Weaknesses to deal with your Threats and Opportunities, select
your strategies to achieve those targets. Then, at long last, I’ll let you compose your Mission
(John’s first strategic plan, in 1963, taught him several sharp lessons. By his twentieth, though, he thinks
he got the hang of it. Two thousand organizations, many in Australia, have since purchased The Argenti
System of Strategic Planning).

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